13 February 2015

Daddy's Ties Memory Bear

When Daddy died a while back, Mom was left with many beautiful ties in her closet.  My Dad wore one every Sunday when they went church for as long back as I can remember.
I would never allow these beautiful ties go to waste, so I decided to make a "Memory Bear" for the girls in my family.  My two sisters, my niece, and especially my Mother were to be the recipients of these very special bears.  The one pictured here is the one that I kept for myself. 
My Daddy was a very religious man.  He loved Jesus very much.  He left behind his bible, still sitting on the little table next to his chair.  It's pages were worn from years of reading and studying.  The pages were filled with hand written notes, underlined verses, and bits and pieces of my Daddy's heart and soul. 
Daddy's favorite verse was underlined in Red; 
 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me". 
 Philippians 4:13.
I made a special tag for this little bear which bears Daddy's favorite verse, and the image of this handsome man. 
If interested, I will be happy to make one for you for a minimal price.  Just email me at; BackintheDaprim@yahoo.com, .

Hand Made Blue Jointed Angel Bear

It's been a long time since I made a new doll, but I have been wanting to get back to the sewing table and make one of my favorite things; an Angel Bear.  Many years ago, this little darling was one of my first creations and I have loved making them ever since. 
This Blue Angel Bear has just been listed on Ebay.  I hope to make many more in various colors and sizes.
Thank you so much for stopping by!

12 March 2014

Primitive Folk Art Spring Easter Butterfly Angel Doll

Introducing my Spring Angel Doll I've named "Violet".  This whimsical Angel is an original handmade design.  She is dressed up in her pretty butterfly dress that is layered with tulle and cotton.  She holds a hand made paper cone filled with wooden eggs and even has a butterfly on a spring!   
Violet is even prettier in person.  She has just been listed on Ebay.
Thank you for stopping by!

10 March 2014

Primitive Folk Art Moon Fairy Angel Doll "Sweet Dreams"

This is my Sweet Dreams Moon Fairy.  She is made from gorgeous silky blue fabric, tulle, and deep blue floral cotton.  
I have her body attached to a glass candle stick so she stands perfectly. Moon Fairy has pretty butterfly wings that have been painted and stiffened with watercolors.  
She is holding a fabric Moon that has a banner that reads "Sweet Dreams".
She is even more gorgeous in person.
Thank you for stopping by!

18 January 2014

Primitive Folk Art Valentine Heart Angel Ornament

I just listed beautiful new Folk Art Valentine Angel Ornaments on Etsy and Ebay.   These lovely Angel Heart hangers are one of a kind and hand crafted by me.  Each one has a slightly different expression.  I've added sparkly wings and tiny vintage picture tags to make them just perfect. 
Thank you for stopping by!
- Pam

Primitive Folk Art Valentine Annie Angel Doll

My new Valentine Annie Angel Doll has just been listed on Ebay and Etsy.  She is an adorable Annie doll all dressed up in her pink polka dot dress.  She holds a sparkly valentine heart that is embellished with a Love banner. 
Annie Angel is a one of a kind doll designed and hand crafted by me. 
Thank you for stopping by!
- Pam

07 December 2013

Primitive Folk Art Christmas Santa Doll and Teddy Bear


My new 2013 Santa Doll has just been listed on Ebay.  He is a large doll measuring 31" tall, and he comes with his very own handmade teddy bear. 
He is wearing a fully lined velvet jacket with lots of embellishments.  I've also given him popular 3 dimensional eyes that make him look realistic, and included authentic antique spectacles that I purchased just for him.
Check him out on Ebay. 

08 April 2013

Primitive Folk Art Makedo Spring Doll ~ Harmony

Introducing an original designed doll that I have named "Harmony".  This lovely lade is a makedo doll, mounted on a glass candlestick.  She wears a cute little straw hat, and carries a basket of silk flowers.  Her gorgeous layered pink gown includes hand gathered ruffles, ribbon and whimsical trims.  She has just been listed on Ebay!  Thank you for stopping by.

Primitive Folk Art Kindness Matters Doll and Teddy Bear

Introducing my new Grace doll and Teddy Bear.  They are both hand made by me and include vintage elements, ribbon and lace.  I've made a special tag for Grace that reads; "Kindness Matters".   This set had just been listed on Ebay.

09 March 2013

Primitive Folk Art Wish Fairy Angel Doll

I have here my original one of a kind "Wish Fairy Angel" doll.  She is dressed in a gorgeous pink gown that has layers of tulle and sequined lace.  I've attached a crystal heart pin to her bodice that fits her design nicely.  She is holding a beautiful heart that is embellished with ribbons and lace with a tag that reads "wish".  Her body is mounted to a vintage style candle holder that makes for a lovely standing display.
You can find her for sale on Ebay.  

07 February 2013

Primitive Folk Art St Patrick's Irish Fairy Angel Doll

Greetings from Back in the Day Originals!  
My first Irish Angel Doll was so popular that I decided to make another one!  This lovely lady is all dressed in green with lots of sparkly clover elements.  I just love how she turned out.  Her lovely butterfly wings are painted with watercolor pastels and match her dress perfectly.  I even added pretty bead accents to her shoes just for something extra special.  She can be found on Ebay and Etsy.  Thank you so much for stopping by!

30 January 2013

Primitive Folk Art Used Patterns for Sale on Ebay

Here is a sampling of some of the used patterns I have up for Auction this week on Ebay. These patterns are gently used only by me, and if you are a doll maker like me, you will recognize some of these old favorites!  Check  them out before they are long gone!